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At HSM Group, we do things differently.

Since 1985, we make the complex simple, based on high personal and professional standards.

Over the past three decades, the Group has been at the forefront of the Immigration field, provided a guiding light to more than thirty thousand families wishing to immigrate to Canada or US. We share in the optimism and genuine belief that Canada or US offers excellent settlement options within a stable environment for those who wish to become a part of its society. Under the direction of Tim Knowles, one of American’s leading immigration lawyers, we provide solutions to individual immigrant applicants seeking to relocate to US, Canada or somewhere around the world.

We strive to go beyond average in everything that we do.

Our primary function is as a wholesaler of various immigration services and investment programs providing legal expertise related to immigrant visa petitions, ensuring compliance of immigration laws and regulations, preparation and review of investment and corporate documents, and providing secure escrow service to maximize our clients’ success. In addition to our Immigration Services, we also assist international and overseas students to find the most suitable route for them to get the Canadian PR.

A uniquely Immigration approach.


We provide legal services to all immigrant visas based on employment options (EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 -Skilled and Unskilled Jobs currently available-, and EB-4). and based on investment options (EB-5 Bistro Franchises).

Also, we provide legal services to all non-immigrant visas options (Quick Entry, H to Z visas).


In Canada, there are over 70 different ways to immigrate and we have a team of experts that will provide assistance to your immigration proceedings including legal representation, family integration, federal and provincial economic immigration, and business immigration. We have a set of unique products that will provide the perfect solution to your needs and interests.


We offer multiple citizenship and residency opportunities in Europe and Latin America. Citizenship-by-Investment programs offer you the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality (second passport) quickly and simply, without major disruption to your life. Our team of experts will make the initial assessment and provide you with the perfect global citizenship/residency program that matches your needs.

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