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What’s the minimum wage in each Canadian province and territory?

New Minimum Wage…

If you’re planning to work or to become an entrepreneur in Canada the different legal minimum wages in each of Canada’s provinces for 2018 might be of your interest, they have a varying labour standard that sets the minimum wage that an employer can pay to employees who are covered by the legislation. The rates are as follows:

Having in mind that employers can choose to pay more than the minimum wage if they wish to, and that is important to research for the wages of your skills and jobs you’re looking for.

Lowest Minimum Wage in Canada
Nova Scotia has Canada’s lowest minimum wage, at $11.00 per hour, though this will rise annually in line with the Consumer Price Index and Average Hourly Wage.
A special lower minimum wage for liquor servers exists in some provinces. Generally speaking, this minimum wage rate applies to waiters, waitresses and bartenders who serve liquor directly to customers in bars, restaurants, clubs and other licensed premises. In Ontario and in British Columbia the rate is set at $12.20 per hour and $11.40 per hour respectively.
Highest Minimum Wage in Canada
Alberta has Canada’s highest minimum wage, at $15.00 per hour.

Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates for Experienced Adult Workers in Canada
Minimum wage across the Prairies went up during 2018. For 2019 British Columbia is expecting to set the rate at $13.85, on June 1st. And the government has announced that the minimum wage will further rise to $14.60 on June 1st, 2020 and to $15.20 on June 1st, 2021.

Government of Canada
Retail Council of Canada
Government of Ontario

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