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20 Reasons You Should Apply to Get a Green Card

20 Reasons…

If you are considering in immigrating to the United States, you might want to get a Green Card? You should as there are countless benefits to having one.
1. When it comes to jobs, some security checks require applicants to either be U.S. citizens or hold Green Card status. Thus, having a Green Card opens greater job possibilities.

2. You can leave and enter the U.S. without fear of being denied re-entry by immigration officials, though you should bring your Green Card to provide evidence of your status.

3. You do not require employer sponsorship to work and can obtain employment in any U.S. territory provided it does not require U.S. citizenship.

4. You can alleviate the burden of rising college costs by having a Green Card; having a Green Card allows you to apply for government-sponsored financial aid.

5. Along with that, having Green Card holders pay “resident tuition” at colleges which is substantially cheaper than what foreigners pay for college.

6. If you got your family a Green Card, it will still be valid even if you die or lose your job.

7. If you’re here on a work visa, your spouse and any unmarried child under 21 can stay as dependents; once children obtain Green Cards of their own, though, they are allowed to stay even after turning 21 or upon being married.

8. You can help your spouse and unmarried child by serving as their sponsor to obtain permanent status; information on sponsoring your spouse can be found here.

9. If you work for a total of 40 quarters (which comes out to 10 years, 4 quarters each year), you are eligible by your Green Card status for Social Security benefits upon retirement.

10. The ability to start your own business or form a corporation.

11. Temporary permits are subject to changes in immigration rules which could result in deportation; Green Card holders have immunity against any such changes.

12. Since many banks require proof of long-term U.S. residence such as a Green Card or long-term visa before granting mortgages, it may be easier to obtain a mortgage if you have a Green Card.

13. Green Card holders are also eligible for government grants and have access to security clearances.

14. One big advantage in having a Green Card is that you are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship later.

15. As a Green Card holder, you are entitled to most legal rights under U.S. law

16. As a Green Card holder, you can own firearms, property, and cars like other U.S. citizens.

17. You are legally allowed to make contributions to political campaigns if you have a Green Card or U.S. citizenship status.

18. A lot of insurance companies require at least a Green Card before providing health or life insurance.

19. There may also be a possible tax benefit to Green Card holders taxed as “non-resident” in their home country.

20. Different than visa holders, those with Green Cards can stay permanently anywhere in the United States.

If you need help with obtaining a green card, you can contact us with your legal needs for an assessment of our EB- programs.

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