HSM Study–Work–Live in Canada Program

HSM Study–Work–Live in Canada Program

Study – Work – Live in Canada

Study–Work–Live in Canada (SWL) program’s purpose is to help foreign people to have their stable life in Canada with Canadian permanent residency.

Most of new immigrants have troubles to have their stable life in Canada after PR because most of them focus on PR only, not the life after PR in Canada. Therefore, HSM creates SWL program to save foreign people’s time and energy after permanent residency.

HSM will arrange foreign people to specific colleges according to the foreigners’ preference to study.

After school program start, HSM will arrange a job for a client as a part-time, then the client could earn money from an employer and work experience for the next step, LMIA.

After school program is done, then HSM will apply LMIA application for a client to get a work permit and provide detailed information for their PR.


Study Stage
Step 1: choose a program and school
Step 2: apply for student visa
Step 3: land and settle

Work stage
Step 1: apply for a work permit visa
Step 2: find a job

Permanent resident stage
Appy for pr through the federal skilled worker or provincial nominee program.