Why do you have to prepare for Express Entry process NOW?

Why do you have to prepare for Express Entry process NOW?

Followed by the recent large EE draw 27,332, the trend proactively inviting temporary residents with Canadian experience will continue while the Government has expanded travel restrictions with no expected date to withdraw its plans.

Although Canada committed to welcome at least 410,000 immigrants from this year for the next 2 years, they know it is difficult to achieve the target goal under the current unpredictable immigration situation.

Thus, the government is going to focus on transferring temporary residents in Canada to permanent residents in 2021, which means it must be your chance to become a permanent resident in Canada soon.

Have you updated your Express Entry Profile? It’s time to do it!

Are you still waiting for ITA (Invitation to Apply) from IRCC? If so, please double check your Express Entry profile and update it with the latest information of yours before you receive the ITA.

After you receive the ITA and find your EE profile incorrect later, you will be in trouble. You may decline the ITA to change the profile because your profile automatically gets recorded in Global Case Management System and you will be regarded misrepresented and banned from applying for Canada immigration for 5 years.