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About HSM

At HSM Group, diversity is a cornerstone of our culture. We believe an inclusive workplace gives clients true insight and exceptional service. This isn’t only good for business, but the right thing to do. HSM Group encourages diversity and recognizes its members’ talent by offering equal professional growth opportunities. We believe diversity nurtures creativity, different viewpoints and, thus, allows us to better meet our clients’ expectations. The group commits to several policies but mainly to a Zero tolerance approach to any form of discrimination.

However, we know we still have a long path ahead. Our Co-founder Gloria K. Knowles believed that including people from a variety of countries and cultures was the only way for HSM Group to become a truly global Immigration group. This commitment can be seen in our decision to locate our second office in Vietnam, our third in Los Cabos, Mexico, and our fourth one in Bangladesh. We have continued on this path of global expansion ever since.

What really sets us apart is our ability to leverage the different languages, cultures and perspectives we have to create a truly international Group that places a real focus on diversity and inclusion creates a positive workforce environment, but building a diverse workforce is also the smart business thing to do. We know this approach breeds creativity, encourages a greater range of views and helps us to respond to the needs of our clients and the communities we work in. Our clients only want to work with organizations who respect their employees and share their values.

We are making progress boosting our own diversity and inclusion practices every single day and will continue to do everything possible to create the best environment for all our employees and make sure the Group is a fair and inclusive place to work. 


Our Mission & Values


HSM insists on practicing the utmost honesty and integrity when dealing with clients, governments, schools, consultants, agents and partners.  This means informing clients of the strengths and weaknesses of their applications and accurately assessing the prospects for success.  HSM will always inform clients of the truth of their situation – even if that is not what they want to hear. Maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and truthfulness are pillars of our practice. Mutual trust is at the core of each of our client relationships.


At HSM, providing competent and informed advice is the top priority. HSM diligently monitors each and every stage of every immigration and investment case that it undertakes and rigorously reviews every piece of material its signs and submits. HSM maintains the highest standards of responsiveness and thoroughness to its clients.


HSM understands that its clients may have many questions and concerns in deciding if, and how, to take the initial step towards immigrating to the United States.  At HSM, you are not just a file number or a name, you are a commitment that the firm makes. HSM understands that every client possesses unique objectives, circumstances and interests; and HSM is committed to going above and beyond expectations to make sure its clients understand each step in their process.  HSM takes pride in building long term relationships with every client.

Our company is committed to providing truthful, honest, competent and result-oriented service through advising and representing our clients in USA, Canada and overseas in a wide range of immigration matters, which focuses on providing support, building dependable relationships and promoting success.


We are determined and motivated to closely work with our clients to build confidence and bring best solutions to their immigration objectives with loyalty to high professional standards and confidentiality.

We aim to expand the scope of our services by offering an integrated approach to consulting and creating new opportunities for travelers, businesses and newcomers to Canada, USA and global immigration programs.

Management Team

Gloria Knowles
Founder & Chair

 Jorge Arnao
Spain & Peru – Attorney of Counsel

Brian Kaminski
Attorney of Counsel

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-10 at 1.24.45 AM

John Scrantom
Attorney of Counsel
United States

Gunwoo Daniel KIM
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants

Anthony Maestre
Director of Operations

male silhouette

Jay Park
Director of Accounting

Hung Vuong
Director of Marketing & Vietnam Operations

Global Representatives


Abid Hussain



Kamrul Hasan CHOWDHURY


Maryam Sepehr

Maedeh Doust

Amir Houshang Hasemi


Dang Le

Hung Vuong

Bambi Nguyen

Tracy Ta

Gia Ta

Thuy Nguyen

Tam Nguyen



Latin America
Pablo Gomez



Alex Lim

Sonal Sakhuja


Michael Knowles

Zain Bakhtiar

Jorge Arnao

Russia + CIS
Eldar Babanly

Saudi Arabia

South Korea

Jorge Arnao


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